V Pro Cricket Net Elite

V Pro Cricket Net Elite

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Product Description

A revolutionary training and pre batting warm up device. ‘Keep an eye on the middle while you warm up with a full range of shots’.●
To be used on the boundary of all games including internationals
Spectators get to see batsmen in action prior to their innings
Learn to move, improve footwork, play the ball late and improve strike power.
Train all year round on any surface, inside or out
Easy to set up
Suitable for players of all ages and skill levels
Practise on your own
Encourages and strengthens play in the V, and cuts and pulls can also be practised
Reinforce coaching drills
Provides intensity of practice not offered by traditional training methods. 35 minutes a day allows 100s of balls a week to be hit – a muscle memory machine
Builds and conditions key muscle groups
A valuable sports injury rehabilitation tool
A daily fitness device

The V Pro Elite is suitable for ages 10 years through to first class players.

Steel frame & net
156g cricket ball
Durable carry bag

Superior absorb, deflect, return action
The wider angle V net gives senior batsmen more area to play a larger range of shots.
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
Can be used by Secondary Schools, academies, coaches, cricket clubs, at home & on the boundary as a warm up just before coming into bat.