Wrist Bands

Wrist Bands

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Product Description

If you are the type of player that puts everything into their game, it's highly likely you'll sweat in the heat of battle. To ensure that sweat doesn't undermine your performance, we've designed a set of sweatbands that will help keep you cool and dry at all times.

The ultra-absorbent construction ensures that wherever you sweat, the Gray-Nicolls Wrist Bands will dry you up. So whether it's your forehead or forearm, as soon as you begin to perspire, your new wristbands will work for you.

They are designed to fit securely around your wrist or arms, and because of the soft acrylic material, they'll feel luxurious all day long.


100% acrylic
Absorbent construction to wipe away sweat
Soft feel for amazing comfort
Secure fit